J S Johnson MIEAust CPEng NER
    Structural Engineer

Philosophy and Mission

Our aim is to find the simplest solution to your complex problem

After 45 years of "hands on design" in the UK and Australia new problems that need novel solutions appear every day. Every new design brings new learning.

The more we learn the more we become aware of that yet to be learned and so the more we learn the less we seem to know.

Solutions are never exactly the same as previous but experience makes finding your solution easier.

The analysis is the same worldwide only the loads and design codes change. But "nobody tells the steel how to behave !!" This is often forgotten.

It is often a case of rephrasing the question that provided the solution.

One simple case was a two storey barn conversion in the UK had a heavy stone fireplace to be built at the first floor but the ground floor had not included a foundation and supporting walls for it.

The question was put as "How can we prop the fire place?" but when rephrased as how can we support the fireplace?" the answer became clear. The structure was hung from steel beams in the roof space and the hangars disguised in the stone fireplace. A very simple but effective solution.

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